Tekerrür - Selim Süme & Özgür Öğütcen


Published in Istanbul, 2016 by REC Collective
112 pages, 20cm x 27cm, Offset print
Edition of 500 / Language: Turkish - English


Salkovic - Sevim Sancaktar

“Salkovič” is a project that is intended to deal with controversy of “representation” issues and covered the stories around migration in results of cultural politics and identity transformations have been created In Turkey. The book has been made during BookLab, in collaboration with Frederic Lezmi, February 2013, Poligon, Istanbul.

Taking on a “local” last name as a form of transformation that is inherently external; last names indicate identity—if it is unified, then, what’s the point? perhaps the emergence of the last name in the context of Turkey is more than just becoming a Westernized country, but about this search for a common denominator. Without the need for a last name, identities did not need to be set.(Merve Unsal)

289KD - Selim Süme

"This is a kind of diary about a lonely man in the army. Not a journalistic work. This book is about me and my loneliness and missing life. You can understand my feelings about army."

This is how REC Collective member Selim Sume describes his series and book 289KD. Photographed nine years ago during his eight months of mandatory service in the Turkish army, the black and white photos are candid remembrances accompanied with pieces of text from his journal. The images are tight and somber for the most part. The settings and environments are secondary to the people and the things. 'Suffocating' and 'claustrophobic' seem appropriate descriptions for both the photos and for Süme's eight months of loneliness in the army.


Published in Istanbul, 2011 by REC Collective, designed by Aylin Önel
128 Pages, 11.2 cm x 18 cm, Soft cover, Offset print
Edition of 1000 / Language: Turkish-English


Transformer - Sevim Sancaktar

Transformer is the first publication of REC Collective and designed by Aylin Önel.

"Sancaktar takes close-ups of the wall illusions painted on electrical transformers throughout Istanbul and some surrounding cities. A representation of their time as well as a deformed reflection of urban history, architectural element as much as artistic expression, these images form a social and cultural portrait of the town; A city, eclectic as much as electric, which merge occidental and oriental, mix classical and contemporary, thus creating a utopical anachronism."
Text by Laurence Cournet


Published in Istanbul, 2010 by REC Collective, designed by Aylin Önel
29 Pages, 16.5×19.5cm, Hardback, Accordion book, Offset paper, Offset print Language: Turkish-English
ISBN: 978605888970