Works by Aylin Önel exhibited in Contemporary Istanbul


Hosted by Reccollective, the exhibition of Aylin Onel are presented in Contemporary Istanbul. Exhibited works are “Works of Sounds From The Shore” and “Circus City” and the “Sea Days” artist book by Önel.

Sounds From The Shore, is the second in a series of wall installations  where found materials from walks are reassembled into a psycho-geographic map set as a visual poem, a ritualistic notation of the experience. While each piece still holds it’s own individual history and story, coming together with other pieces, new stories and multiple narratives are formed and reformed.

Circuit City, is a synthesis / map of sounds, words,structures, shapes and textures collected from wonderings around istanbul. The sounds and words encountered within the streets are the skeleton of the work. The fine line between word and image is challenged. When is a line a drawing and when is it a word?

The book called Sea Days, is a collection of drawings, images and words accumulated over a four year period that the artist lived in the northern pueblos of Asturias, Spain. Naturally the content is greatly informed by her surrounding landscape of the quite solitary Cantabrian cliffs, rock mountains, abundant greens and a rain cloud filled climate that all set the tone of a fragmented gaze. The words are set to their inner rhythms. The book is an exploration into the nature of experience as a continual process versus a collection of random fragments and moments coming together in a stream.

Exhibition in Art International / Istanbul


Rec is hosting works by Frederic Lezmi, Sevim Sancaktar, Serkan Taycan and Ata Kam. Artists brought works together in the exhibition space as a reflection on the recreation of the city and criticism to government for intervention to public spaces during the Gezi Park movement. In this system where memory is controlled through restrictions, followed by a censorship by the authorities, artists were dealing with the issues applied on top of each other and trying to discuss what is recollected.

Taksim Calling by Frederic Lezmi is an unconventional poster book that contrasts his spontaneously taken iPhone pictures of the Gezi protests with idealized and oversized vintage postcard-images from Taksim Square. While these postcards pay a reference to the importance of Taksim Square for the identity of the Turkish Republic, the images of the protests document the kaleidoscope of Turkish activism in a unique way without interpreting or evaluating the events. The flexible presentation of the images allows it either to be viewed like a newspaper or more separately as a set of five posters. For the exhibition at Art International the book was put as posters on the wall, while copies of Taksim Calling where distributed for free.

Forget Me Not by Sevim Sancaktar is the reproduction of her bodywork entitled "Transformer" on electricity transformers around Istanbul. Hundreds of electric transformer buildings spread around the city as outputs of urbanization. The work came out during the Gezi movement in 2013 in Istanbul. Sancaktar had painted both her old works and exhibition wall with grey and by scratching, “forget me not” was written continuously in order to refer to collective memory.

Dummy Books Exhibition at Contemporary Istanbul


Hosted by Reccollective, the dummy books  of various artists from Turkey, Iran, Italy and America, were exhibited at Contemporary Istanbul. The dummy book exhibition aimed at sharing the process of bookmaking and supporting these books by selling prints or copies.

Books by: Kürşat Bayhan, Hannah Darabi, Sinem Dişli, Görkem Ergün, Barbad Golshiri, Merve Kaptan, Gamze Özer, Civan Özkanoğlu, Michela Palermo, Shirin Sabahi, Roham Shiraz, Sevim Sancaktar, Selim Süme, Gözde Türkkan, Merve Ünsal, Atalay Yeni

Impossible Space

The desire to structure space, dividing it on maps, creating routes, familiar corners, neighborhoods, making it observable /orderly with satellites, surveillance systems so that space looses its' fearsome obscurity and becomes place.

This is a self initiated project that roughly deals with the idea of space and place. Our gazes, the various subjectivities that we turn towards the world convey our journey, experience through space. The image, sometimes a demarcation itselfallows us to travel between the unknown and the thoroughly structured, blurringour distances and position to what we call familiar.