Shell - Serkan Taycan

In this series, Taycan is examining the rapid and constant change of Istanbul throughout the periphery of the city.

In 2007, for the first time ever in world history, the city population outgrew the suburban population. Urban Millennium is a transition point in history and a realization that we should start to examine cities within a new perspective. Taycan photographs these changes and the phenomenon it creates. He looks at the impact of this change and questions the new living spaces presented to us as a result. The mass migration toward Istanbul since the 1950’s, has exposed the city to unplanned urbanization and the constant need for new buildings to accommodate the population which has transformed the city periphery into one massive construction site. This transformation can be witnessed at the urban border in its most vulnerable and raw condition. Sadly, the scene is far from an optimistic one; the environmental sustainability is not taken into account and new development areas are far-off from the dynamics of the city. The carved mine sites, which provide the origins of construction material, are simply transformed into the wounds of the city. Stuck in this vicious cycle of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction, Istanbul is represented as a dystopia in Serkan Taycan’s photographs. He combines different endpoints of the city as diptychs and triptychs whereby merges, dividing time and space, become personal interventions to the topography. Taycan’s new realities become recent suggestions to the 19th century Istanbul panoramas that are engraved in our memories, and his photographs become an alternative for the current city image.

All The Trees Were Red - Selim Süme

I always liked being on the road. The series All The Trees Were Red is composed of the photos that I have taken during a long caravan trip that I made throughout the Eastern European countries that were founded after the collapse of the Soviet Union in which I have passed a part of my childhood. In fact, this trip was an experience of rewriting my diary and breaking the perception of time. Due to this trip, I feel like my memories are binding to the images that I make today and creating a new reality.

Absence - Selim Süme

The Absence series is an experimental journey. I can say it is some kind of a diary. The mood of being on the road is a representation of the fact that we end up by introspection. It is a reflection of a transition, a shady period on the images.